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Richard has experience of working on a number of research projects over the last few years. The current research project he is working on is through the University of Westminster titled ‘Incorporating Learning by Doing: Generating Funds for Social Enterprises alongside Jane Chang and Hafid Benamraoui from Westminster Business School.


Abstract Current Research:

Incorporating Learning by Doing: Generating Funds for Social Enterprises

This paper provides the insights into the paradoxes faced in determining the relevant pedagogic approaches to social entrepreneurship. It analyses how students, academics, non academics, social entrepreneurs and business sponsors learn from the newly adopted pedagogic approaches in the field of social entrepreneurship education. It examines how students respond to this new pedagogic approach with respect to their entrepreneurial skills development through the practice of revenue generation for the allied social enterprises. This innovative approach of learning can be applied to the social entrepreneurship teaching context by allowing students to experience the real time revenue generation as a component of entrepreneurial learning. The article is based on action research of a case which involves undergraduate students (nascent entrepreneurs) from different courses working with academics, non academics, four social entrepreneurs and business sponsors with the mission to improve the income generation of these enterprises. The article contributes to the growing body of research in social entrepreneurship education. The new learning approaches give high significance to what should be offered, to whom and how it should be delivered and what is the appropriate working method for the alliance. 

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