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This new project is a membership network for social entrepreneurs, educators and community workers working primarily in the adult education or community development sectors. Each member has the opportunity to be trained and also offers training to other members on a time bank basis where the members acquire and spend credits based on their level of activity. It is a skills sharing collaborative capacity building project where each member develops their own capacity and gives back to the network. A mentoring programme will also be developed to help members develop their skills and experience.


Members can earn credits by volunteering with other members and through joining the management committee. This gives new members without much experience an opportunity to develop their skills and confidence and be actively involved


There is also an advantage that the collective projects can be jointly marketed so each individual project has added value to their own work. It is hoped that this would provide the environment for joint funding bids on larger scale projects where the members can work directly together


Organisations can also be members and contribute through access to resources.  For example, a community centre may provide a free meeting space and in exchange receive training or advice from community professionals. This system could also be used for staff development or CSR initiatives of organisations where staff members contribute to the development of community projects while at the same time enhance their own skills that will help them at work. For example, leading a team of volunteers, dealing with finance or coordinating an event.


The enterprise will operate like a cooperative / time bank and is designed to bring together a network of people who have a shared vision in providing good quality education and community services through developing their own skills and learning


If you interested in joining or would like further information please email:

Fishing Rod Network