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Delivering Effective Mentoring Programmes


This programme is designed to provide mentors, mentees and associated organisations with a comprehensive insight into the effective development and implementation of mentoring initiatives. This includes establishing aims and objectives, defining goals and targets, developing effective management systems, complying with relevant regulations (for example, implementing child protection policies), utilising practical communication techniques, achieving positive outcomes and devising an effective exit strategy.


Volunteering for Career Development


This programme is designed to provide a vehicle for individuals and organisations to utilise volunteering opportunities for career development and action planning. The focus of this programme is centred on identifying the employability and skills development benefits of volunteering, the key attitudes and values that define career choice, selecting appropriate volunteering options, reflecting on experiences and using the acquired evidence for developing career portfolios.


Effective Project and Event Management


This programme is designed to provide effective real life experience of planning projects and events. This personal and professional development programme incorporates career action planning, developing project management frameworks and implementing successful event management processes. The course includes the opportunity for participants to develop their own individual project ideas


Developing Creative, Entrepreneurial and Enterprising Ideas


This programme provides a framework of how to develop creative and enterprising project ideas from inception to planning and delivery. The course explores finding motivation for developing an idea, how to develop ideas into realistic plans, identifying potential opportunities that arise from these plans, turning opportunities into a realistic product or service and how to measure success


Networking for Success


This workshop offers tips and advice on how to utilise the skill of networking in relation to career development. This includes defining networking objectives, selecting the right communication techniques, understanding the dynamics of different industry sectors, identifying target markets and developing effective networking plans


Developing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiatives – How to Engage with Community Projects


This programme is centred on how organisations can develop CSR and staff development programmes that engage the local community. This includes identifying objectives, engaging with stakeholders, developing project plans and measuring success.


Bespoke Programmes


There is also an opportunity to have a bespoke development programme based on your own organisational needs including training sessions for facilitators

Programmes and Workshops